How To Find Direct Advertising Partners For Your Blog

If you read my previous post on finding the best advertising for your website or blog you may be wondering how to institute this grand scheme. Getting direct advertising partners is great, but how can you convince them that your site is the right fit for them? What methods will you use to find them? Well, I’m going to answer some of your questions using my own personal experience! The following are some ways on how you can find direct advertisers for your blog!

When you’re just starting out it may seem like a daunting task to find advertisers. If you have a decent amount of traffic you may have been approached by advertisers already. This is how I decided to start offering direct advertising in the first place. The first step you should take is..

Set up an Advertise with us page

This page is simple a link in your side bar or header where you let people know that you will accept advertising proposals! It’s simple, but the most effective way to get advertisers. Many businesses will be looking for you; and not the other way around. If you’re a site that appeals to them they’ll let you know about it. You can advertise your current rates, but it’s not necessary.

If you have banner space you can also have “advertise with us” banners that link to your rates page. To let people know which spots, and how many spots are available. Having too many spots may deter advertisers because it dilutes their presence, and ads competition.

Tweet about it

Are you on social networking? Let people know that you need advertisers. Some of your followers might need to advertise a business/service!

Direct E-mail

Direct e-mail has gotten me a few good leads. But there’s a couple things you should make sure you’re aware of. Number one is that everyone will not be interested. You may send fifty e-mails, and not hear back from anybody. Don’t get discouraged. You’ll have to contact a lot of people probably before you get a bite. Every site has different needs, and they may not think you’re the right fit.

If you’re not sure who to contact try looking at who’s advertising on blogs in your niche. Or if you’re running google adsense try contacting the owners of those ads directly. You can offer them a much cheaper price for flat rate advertising. They could be spending hundreds less a month on advertising if they go through you directly. Make sure to pitch the benefits of direct advertising. Such as that direct ads carry more authority with users since they sponsor a site instead of just being a random text ad.

Offer Some Freebies

In the beginning it may help to offer some freebies to get advertisers interested. They may be stingy with their ad budget, but will probably take a month of free advertising. Give them one month to try out your site, and see how their returns look. If they’re happy they will most surely pay you for the next month, and probably longer.

Offer Long Term Discounts

Offer discounts for purchasing 6 or 12 months of advertising in advance. Most advertisers will prefer this anyway, because one month is not really enough time to judge a campagin. Offering discounts like these can help you form lasting relationships with your advertisers to keep them coming back to you!

Forums and communities

Many webmaster communities such as DigitalPoint forums have areas where you can sell ad space. If you have a decent pagerank or traffic many of them may be interested in using your blog to promote their own site or service. Try advertising here and see if you get a few bites.

These are just a few methods to help you monetize your blog with direct advertising. There are certainly other methods to try. So keep looking, be dilligent, and don’t give up!

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